My name is Thea Hüter, I had worked 30 years as translator, trade officer and secretary in industrial  companies as well as in charity organizations and afterwards as self-employed cosmetologist and medical foot care specialist.

After my renewal of belief and deep experience with Jesus Christ I realized that I had to follow the call of God who sent me to Uganda as a missionary and teacher for cosmetology in the vocational school of a Christian ministry.

Over the time in Uganda, I realized that most of the young people are missing self-reliance, self-responsibility,  the knowledge how to work with money, how never to give up in God, and always to look for a solution instead of losing hope.

That, God has laid on my heart to do with them. Last year, after 3.1/2 years in Uganda He requested me to renew my promise: “Send me where you want, let me do what you want!” and I always add:” “Please let me enjoy it!” Six weeks later, by “accident” I had a ground, a real paradise of 2 acres in one of the poorest areas of Uganda near the Kenyan Boarder.  Since that time, things have gone on, nearly by themselves, I only had to do the next step shown by God, and then things were flowing.


 Now, we (my Ugandan son of God, and two good friends) have already started building a headquarter for our ministry.

I am 66 years young, have two children by birth in Germany, 3 grandchildren, and one Ugandan son by God with his 5 siblings and a cousin, so that my dream of youth  of 8 children has finally come true.

Our-3 in-one-God is always giving us what are our heart desires, not always what is in our mind.

May our great God bless and protect you and your families, all the people in your near and far environment.