As we cannot do all the work alone, we need volunteers who will help us to fulfill the different tasks:
In order to help the children to get more knowledge out of the curriculum of the Ugandan school
system we need at first one or 2 volunteers with profession of nursery teacher to teach the Ugandan
teachers the European way of teaching. Therefore we will offer courses of 2 to 3 months and for
refreshing weekend-seminars. Furthermore, the teachers will have the possibility to get a special
training at your own nursery. Also therefore, we need volunteers.. The teachers, especially the young
ones, are very interested in a new way of teaching because the Ugandan way is very theoretical and
mostly learning by heart.
As we need these volunteers by minimum for one to 2 years we would like to get nursery teachers in
retirement who do not yet want to rest but to do something very helpful for young nursery teachers and
even for the children in an upcoming third-world-country.
If you are healthy, ready for a simple life and some adventures, if you are follower of Jesus Christ, our
Lord, if you love children you are the right person to be one of our Christian family here in the East of
Uganda. In case of not being sure you can visit us before to get a n impression of our work. And if you
have still questions please contact us.
If you are married there is also the possibility to come as couple. Perhaps your partner can help us to
give more love and understanding to the children of whom many are feeling lonely.
Please send us your application per email including
– the reason why you want to come to us
– Your CV
– Christian CV
– Your up-to-date passport photo
– The filled form aside
We are looking forward to your application
God bless you- Thea Hueter

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