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´Love Over All´

About us

We, “God’s Light in Africa Intl.”, are a small non-profit and non-governmental organization in the east of Uganda.
We want to bring God’s light of love and grace to the undeveloped areas of Uganda, not only with words, but also with deeds, because “faith without deeds is dead” Jam. 2, 17.We are supported by the non-profit association God’s Light for Africa e.V., which was founded by members of the ev. free church in Bad Oldesloe, to which the missionary Thea Hüter belongs.
Thea Hüter, who has now been working in Uganda for more than 9 years , has the great need in the border areas, especially on the maritime border with Kenya from God put on the heart and is now already working since 2017 on this project.

Our motto:
“Prosperity instead of poverty, health instead of sickness, united families instead of broken hearts”.


  1. To produce young people who know who they are in God, beloved people who grow up to be God-fearing business leaders, leaders of churches, communities and also government, young people who know that they have to serve in order to lead, young people who have good, healthy families and who become a blessing precisely for their families, for their environment and not least for their country.
    To create as many jobs as possible, to give all people, especially fathers and mothers of families, the security of having a good job, giving them back the hope and self-respect that they have lost because of their efforts, without seeing any success towards a better life.

3. to create an understanding of good family planning so that they can have only as many children as they can feed, clothe, keep healthy and send to school.

May our Heavenly Father help us to do His great work, may He help us to understand His signs correctly, to understand His encouragements correctly, to be patient to wait for His right time, and to follow His path. May He keep us passionate about His long-term project, and may He help us never lose sight of our Savior Jesus Christ.