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The situation in the area

The area is located directly on Lake Victoria. Here there is mainly small-scale fishing and some agriculture. The people in this area have to struggle hard for daily supplies.
There is no infrastructure, the children have to walk almost 7 km to the next school, which is almost impossible for the smaller ones. This and the school fees have led to the fact that many children and young people do not go to school at all, because most parents cannot afford the fees.

Thus, there are many early marriages and the young girls quickly become mothers because, in their eyes, it is the only way to maintain their prestige after not being able to finish school. The boys, even the very young ones, give all their attention to Lake Victoria and fishing, as it has always been. Due to the lack of education, they cannot consider any other option.

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Our Goal:

  • To bring faith in Jesus Christ, the light of the world, who gave his life to give us his freedom and peace.
  • To teach self-worth, self-confidence, self-responsibility and also responsibility for others in the poorest regions of Uganda by giving them hope, work and free education for the children whose parents are not able to pay school fees.
  • To build a model school to show that the good curriculum of the Ugandan government can be taught in a way that brings more knowledge to the children, leaves them their creativity, strengthens their personality and teaches them self responsibility.